Noisessionstudio was founded in 2002 by Christopher Murillo, the Creative Director of MURILLO, it’s sister company which was founded by his brother, Allan Murillo, who designs furniture and home accessories. Using either or both synthetic and natural materials, Noisessionstudio specializes in creating original contemporary art pieces for the needs of collectors, Interior Designers, and home owners.

Wall art pieces are upholstered with faux leather of different colors and textures or wrapped with locally-sourced natural materials such as wood, rattan, abaca, and bamboo. Sculptures are made with powder-coated GI sheets and concrete as base. A customization service is also offered. Whether you have your own design or want to have a design exclusively made for you, we’ll  gladly help you make the art piece of your dreams.



Murillo’s Export International, Inc.
Lower Inayawan, Cebu City, Cebu, Philippines 6000
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